I enjoyed the mode of delivery and style of instruction

I enjoyed the mode of delivery and style of instruction

I think having done the course will also be helpful in future job interviews so employers can “check the box” that I have more formalized modeling training

WSP has the best presentation. In fact, several other providers tried to show their value by comparing to this program, which tells me it’s the standard. It was also a good value; lots of material and broad coverage for a modest price.

Excel crash course was great! Took me about a week to get the hang of it. Now I’m a Microsoft office weapon.

My goal in buying the program was to secure a full-time investment banking position, which I have succeeded in doing. Extremely helpful!

I bought the Premium Package to get a good introduction to MA and LBO modeling. So far it’s been really great. I have a better understanding of the processes in MA and the theory click this link here now in valuation and LBO. The fact that I can go back and re watch the videos if I need a brush up is really great!

I took this course to prepare for my restructuring interviews and to learn modeling skills should I secure an offer in restructuring

I am a small business owner/entrepreneur who enrolled in the Premium Package while I was looking into an acquisition of a company. I wanted to brush up valuation and have some templates to expedite the modeling process, and your courses definitely helped me in analyzing and modeling my deal.

I am 18 months into my first job as an analyst with a healthcare-focused PE fund. All of the training I have received was from my superiors and is sufficient for what I do, but I wanted to further round out my skills.

These courses have bolstered my skills and will help me better tackle unique issues that we find with the different deals that we look at.

I enrolled in the Premium Package because I was getting curious about later stage investments and MA and I found out my company had previously purchased training from WSP. That was the differentiating “seal of approval” between you and other providers. Pokračovat ve čtení „I enjoyed the mode of delivery and style of instruction“